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Sock It To Lyme




“Sock It To Lyme

A Partnership Program to Introduce a New Prevention Method

What is “Sock It To Lyme”?

“Sock It To Lyme” is a partnership program between BugBeWear and eligible groups working to reduce the toll of tick-borne diseases thru methods that include factory bonded repellent garments. The program facilitates the introduction of this new tick bite prevention method while providing a fundraising opportunity for the sponsoring group.

What are Factory Bonded Repellent Garments?

Factory bonded repellent garments is a bite prevention technology developed for the US Army where it has been used (and monitored) since 2002. An odorless, invisible, long lasting permethrin repellent bonded to garments, provides protection from tick and insect bites. Available to the public thru several online retailers, simply getting dressed in the morning can  start your repellent protection that lasts throughout the day, day after day.

The ease and effectiveness of this method may underlie the results of published research reporting tick bite reductions of 84 -93% (Meshnick and Vaughn) for uniformed workers over extended periods. Additionally, University of Rhode Island research (Mather) suggests protecting the area around the foot is of particularly great value in reducing tick bites.

Although EPA certified as safe and effective, recommended by the CDC for tick bite prevention, and encouraged by many support/prevention groups, factory bonded repellent garment use has not caught on rapidly. Although these groups provide education (including example garments), they express frustration at the lack of audience follow thru.  “Change is hard”.  Perhaps we can help.

One obstacle to adopting this new method is the lack of a quick and easy purchase opportunity. Pairing education and the ability to immediately obtain a critical repellent garment (socks) will help facilitate adoption of this new prevention method. Positive personal experience is uniquely educational, persuasive, and builds on itself.

How does “Sock It To Lyme” work?

BugBeWear provides partner groups with display and educational material, program guidelines and access to discounted repellent socks via the “Sock it to Lyme” program. Socks available through the program include adult and youth basic crew socks in several size and colors (white, khaki, grey and black). Information on the effectiveness and features of factory bonded garments, a frequently asked questions document reflecting BugBeWear’s years of public contact, will be provided to prepare the group for questions commonly asked by the public.

No contract or ongoing obligation is required. An initial purchase of 24 packs (2 pairs/pack) of basic crew socks is required. Socks must remain in original, EPA required, packaging when distributed.  As shipping costs are included, some geographic price adjustments may apply by group location.

Who’s a “qualified organization”? 501(c)3  groups or those interested in reducing the toll of tick borne disease, are eligible for program participation. Groups concerned with promoting health, wellness and outdoors activities are also welcomed.  Partners remain free to recommend other forms of bite prevention they believe are effective.

Lyme, and other serious tick borne diseases, won’t be stemmed until we shine a spotlight on the diverse group of serious, sometimes long lasting diseases most often contracted near our homes, and, adopt an effective method of routine bite prevention.  Education and awareness are important but insufficient until the public adopts effective routine bite prevention. Behavioral change is essential and the goal of “Sock It To Lyme”.  The program is designed to introduce the public to the ease and effectiveness of factory bonded repellent garments.

Thank you for educating the public about tick borne diseases and improving access to repellent garments.  I look forward to working with you toward the goal of a better protected public. 

To join us in the effort to “Sock It To Lyme” contact, or, call JoAnn Freeman at 844-4BBWEAR.

To read a Good News story about a recent Sock It To Lyme experience, click here.

Wishing you good health,

JoAnn Freeman, Founder BugBeWear