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Sock It To Lyme™



Sock It To Lyme

A Partnership Program to Introduce a New Bite Prevention Method

What is Sock It To Lyme?

Sock It to Lymeis a partnership program between BugBeWear and eligible organizations who seek to reduce the toll of tick-borne diseases through bite prevention methods that include factory bonded repellent garments. The program provides educational resources supporting the introduction to the public of this new method of bite prevention. It may also be used as a fundraiser by these organizations in conjunction with the education.

Factory Bonded Repellent Garments

Factory bonded repellent garments are a bite prevention technology developed by Insect Shield LLC for the US Army, where it’s been used since 2002. Nearly odorless, invisible, long lasting permethrin repellent, remains bonded to garments through many washes providing protection from tick and insect bites.  Available to the public through several retailers, simply getting dressed in the morning can provide effective repellent protection throughout the day.

The ease and effectiveness of this method underlies the results of published research reporting tick bite reductions of 84 -93% or more. Additional research (University of Rhode Island) suggests protection around the foot and ankle is particularly effective in overall tick bite reduction.

Many prevention groups endorse factory bonded repellent garments as a highly effective method of bite prevention but are frustrated in their ability to see it catch on. Although these groups provide education, they express frustration at the lack of audience follow through.  “Change is hard”.  Let us help.

Lack of public knowledge of this important bite prevention method is an obstacle to its adoption as is the lack of a quick and easy access to factory bonded repellent garments whose use will help consolidate learning. Pairing education and the ability to immediately secure a critical repellent garment (socks) helps facilitate understanding of this new prevention method. Positive personal experience is uniquely educational.

Sock It to Lyme provides a resource for introducing the public to the protection of bonded repellent garments and can also serve as a group fundraiser.

How does Sock It to Lymework?

BugBeWear provides partner groups with education and display material, program guidelines and access to discounted repellent socks via the Sock It to Lyme program. Program socks can be offered by the group to the public as a thank you gift for donations, resold as a group fundraiser at public events, or gifted.

An initial sock order of 24 packs (2 pairs/pack) or more is required. Shipping costs are included in the sock price and some geographic adjustments may be necessary between groups. Basic crew socks are available through the program in adult and youth sizes in several colors and sizes. Socks must be distributed with original packaging intact as required by the EPA. 

An information packet for program partners is provided which includes copies/summaries of published research on factory bonded permethrin clothing, a Facts and Features summary and answers to frequently asked questions. This material is for the purpose of educating group members about published research on this important bite prevention technology and preparing members to educate the public at outreach events. The Frequently Asked Questions trifold answers the questions BugBeWear has found to be asked by the public and may be distributed to the public. It can be customized with the sponsoring organizations name and/or logo if the partnering group wishes to raise their profile in their community. A Sock It to Lyme program tabletop poster is also provided.

The Sock It to Lymeprogram is simple to participate in.  No contract or ongoing obligation is required. Program participation does not limit the group’s ability to recommend other prevention options.

Who’s a “qualified organization”? Lyme prevention groups, groups organized around outdoor hobbies and occupations that put people at risk of tick bites, or clinicians caring for those with tick borne diseases may find the program to be of special interest.

To join in the effort to Sock It To Lyme™ contact us via, or, call JoAnn Freeman at 844-4BBWEAR.